About Us


For over 15 years, Edu-Tech Academic Solutions has provided technology support and planning for the independent schools of the Delaware Valley. Originally launched in 2003 in direct response to the technology support needs of a few Philadelphia area independent schools, the organization has evolved into a trusted provider of a wide variety of services for independent schools from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. By 2008, Edu-Tech had grown significantly and expanded its range of services to include not only technical support staffing but also a wide variety of educational consulting services, hardware repair services and professional development courses for independent school faculty and staff. Most recently our strategic planning services, marketing, and web design and classroom integration staffing programs have helped several local schools attain even higher goals. Although our organization has grown and our services have expanded, we still maintain a strong alliance and commitment to each school that we serve. We seek to form long-lasting relationships with each school as a strategic partner, not just another client. Dedicating our time toward the advancement of the technology and environment within each school to enable them to more effectively support their academic plan and enhance their administrative processes.


Edu-Tech is a unique concept in educational technology support and management. We focus solely on independent schools and consider ourselves an educational services company focused on technology solutions, not a technology sales, support, or consulting company. Many technology service organizations provide support with a “break-fix” mentality. They rush in, make repairs and move on to the next customer. Through years of experience, we have found that this is not the best solution for effective support in an educational environment. As a result, we have built our organization around an entirely new model. It is a design that provides our customers with trained technicians and seasoned educators that have the technical ability, teaching experience, and communication skills to work closely with teachers, staff and students in an independent school environment. Our strategy has and always will remain consistent with our company philosophy, “Empowering Independent Schools”.