Anup Somalwar

Anup joined Edu-Tech in August 2017, and has had a passion for education from an early age. A graduate of Philadelphia's Northeast High School magnet program, Anup holds a B.S. in Mathematics with Teaching from Temple University, and a Master's in Education from Villanova University. Prior to Edu-Tech, he taught high school mathematics in Philadelphia charter schools, including String Theory High School, and Cheltenham School District. At String Theory, Anup and his colleagues' iTunes U Algebra I course was recognized as a Stand Out course by Apple in 2014 with over 10,000 subscribers worldwide. He implements a flipped classroom model by making YouTube math tutorials for his students, and has also written and performed several math rap songs with his classes.

Anup loves traveling, food (especially pizza!), photography, video games, music, soccer, and spending time with family and friends.