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Instructional Coffee Breaks

Virtual Coffee Break
With so much uncertainty for the 2020-21 school year, we all have a lot of questions about what the fall is going to look like. Many of us have been tasked with planning for different educational programming scenarios including regular in-class instruction, virtual learning, and the most likely scenario, a hybrid model.
Move Mountains
Our conversations these past two weeks have invigorated our passions for working in education. We've been reminded that in spite of the pandemic, teachers have continued to build relationships with their students and made sure meaningful learning occurred. We also recognize an opportunity when we see one. COVID-19 has forced us to transform the way we teach and learn. But if we let everything go "back to normal" once the virus is no longer a threat, we've wasted an opportunity.
Think Forward Together
Let's all put our heads together to rethink how instruction can and should be delivered in the fall. Join technology coaches, integration specialists, teachers, technology directors, and administrators in an open forum to ask questions, build partnerships with others, and find ways to get things done!
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Coffee Break #4:
Tuesday, June 23- 10:00am

Coffee Break #5:
Monday, June 29 - 1:00pm