Leveraging E-Rate to Meet Today's Hybrid Instructional Model

In the context of today’s changing educational environment due to COVID-19 and other external forces, it’s more important than ever that schools map out various strategic paths to acquire, deliver, expand and sustain technology resources and services. Edu-Tech has helped many PAISBOA schools apply for E-Rate funding, and we know it can be a complicated, cumbersome process. This year, Edu-Tech is partnering with Intelafunds to help schools complete their E-Rate process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Most typical E-Rate consultants perform strictly clerical tasks, which leads to critical funding dollars being left on the table! Intelafunds' extensive K-12 educational technology experience provides turn-key solutions for all elements of the E-Rate application process.
Edu-Tech and Intelafunds co-presented a webinar hosted by PAISBOA and stressed the importance that schools think of their infrastructure as a utility (like electric, heating, and water). A huge number of independent schools in our region qualify for E-Rate -- don't throw away your chance to get federal funding for your network infrastructure needs, which are so crucial in today's instructional model!